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"Gone...I'll be gone, but not for long. You know we gotta keep moving on." - lyrics from "It's Alright" by Jeff Loose

Jeff was three weeks old during the blizzard of 1978 and slept in a dresser drawer at the neighbors because they had heat.  At age eleven he got his first guitar.  He played guitar for St Paul Lutheran Church’s Saturday night service for many years.  He graduated from Clyde High School in 1996. He had countless jam buddies and band brothers, he loved to play gigs with, from various locations including Bowling Green, Toledo, and Columbus.  He was a master musician of guitar and drums.  His music will fill the air and our hearts for many years to come and live on at:  He rescued many cats over the years, including Chuck, Lady, and Richard.  Jeff was a fun-loving soul who was always making us all laugh.  Vintage t-shirts and cardigan sweaters were his signature trademark. He was very proud of the fact that he was not tattooed or pierced—a rarity this day and age. Jeff had been living and working in Minneapolis, Mn.  He loved his family and friends—making us all feel special.  Jeff loved music, records, and old movies.  We will miss his smile and his sense of humor.


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